Sonex Research, Inc. - Sonex Combustion System | Annapolis, MD

Combustion specialists

Assess potential for converting gasoline engines

to heavy fuel operation

  • Conduct a performance assessment of the gasoline engine on prop-thrust-load test stand

  • Optimize ignition and fuel parameters for peak engine performance using combustion analysis instruments

  • Assess engine head, cylinder and exhaust temperatures

  • Design SCS heavy fuel engine (HFE) conversion components. The SCS HFE combustion chamber components, consisting of modifications to the cylinder head and a cylinder head insert, as well as other components (intake manifold, timing wheel, etc.) will also be fabricated via rapid-prototyping methods.

  • Assemble SCS HFE and conduct initial tryout using Jet-A, JP-5, JP-8

  • Conduct Preliminary Design Review for customer

  • Conduct iterative testing of SCS HFE refinements to achieve heavy fuel performance for torque, power, spark plug temperature and fuel flow equal to or better than that of the baseline gasoline engine

  • Conduct Final Design Review and Demonstration of “Proof-of-Concept” SCS HFE for customer

Customer to provide targets for type of fuel, weight, power, fuel consumption, noise, etc.


Sonex consultants Aeronautical Combustion Engine Technologies, Inc., d/b/a ACE Technologies will design a custom crankcase and crankshaft assembly (“bottom end” of the engine) to mate to a proven COTS cylinder and head assembly.


The ACE two-stroke engine design overcomes the fuel distribution difference in stock gasoline engines by limiting the head temperature difference between cylinders to as low as 5°C. The ACE design features cylinder balancing, higher power, intelligent ECU controls and an integrated failsafe.


Fabricate crankcase and crankshaft assembly via rapid-prototyping methods using lightweight materials


Machining equipment and rapid prototyping vendors to support prototype component fabrication.





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