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The following companies have licensed technology from Sonex:

Insitu, Inc., Bingen, Washington:

Now a subsidiary of The Boeing Company: Patented SCS heavy fuel engine (HFE) technology is currently in use, under non-exclusive license from Sonex, in the HFE version of the ScanEagle® and Integrator™ UAVs. ScanEagle has been used to provide services for the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy in the Middle East and around the world since being deployed in 2004. Due to its use of SCS HFE technology, ScanEagle can be launched and recovered from ships.

Additional SCS technology licensing opportunities are available.

Sonex consultants ACE Technologies:

Non-exclusive license for SCS HFE technology.

QinetiQ North America, Inc., Waltham, Massachusetts:

A subsidiary of QinetiQ of the United Kingdom: Non-exclusive license for the SCS HFE technology applicable to small engines used in electrical power units such as generators.

Lean-Burn Combustion, Inc. (“LBC”):

A start-up entity based in Alexandria, Virginia, with respect to the further development and the commercialization of the Sonex Controlled Auto-Ignition (SCAI) lean-burn combustion process to achieve a fuel mileage improvement of 25% to 30% in gasoline direct injection (GDI) automotive engines. LBC is funding the SCAI-GDI development and commercialization program in exchange for technology marketing rights and sharing of licensing revenue and royalties generated.


RCT Radical Combustion Technologies, LLC, start-up entity, Vienna, Virginia:

Commercialization partner for SCS technology applicable to stationary engines operating on natural gas.  License grant pending capital raise.